Nesta Stephan is a half-French, half-Gabonese singer, song-writer, and producer. She started making music, aged 16, in the middle of a catholic school yard, by beatboxing and freestyling between classes with friends. 

In 2019 she released her debut single 'Fly Away' to evoke her experiences as a woman of mixed heritage leaving Africa and coming to Europe. 

Her latest music video, 'La Chamade,' talks about the tumultuous journey of love, echoing the feelings of excitement and uncertainty. Nesta is now based in London and in 2023 she released her first fully self-produced EP.

Writing about life or relationships in general, Nesta is no holds barred about letting out her emotions through lyrics and smooth vocals. Her ethereal style and catchy melodies are the perfect combination of Neo soul and R&B.